Thursday, 7 February 2013

Measuring up

This first stage of the Prince's Shirt research project is all about documenting and recording. While it might seem overly fussy to measure and photograph every detail, it may prove very useful in making comparisons with other period garments in order to date it.

At the moment my research is all about recording while I (try to) suspend judgement and avoid coming to conclusions prematurely.

Although I have measured just about every element of the shirt here are just the key sizes:

Shirt height (hemline to shoulder) - 990mm (39")

Shirt width (side seam to side seam) - 820mm (32")

Sleeve excluding cuff - 610mm (24")

Cuff depth - 85mm

Neckband depth at back - 95mm

Neckband depth at front - 135mm

Length of front opening - 460mm (18")

Width of each ruffle - 100mm

Length of fabric gathered into ruffle - approx. 650mm gathered into 250mm

Buttons - 10mm

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